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Lam Dong museum 

Located on a hill at No. 4 Hung Vuong street, 3 km from  Dalat city in the Northeast, Lamdong museum is the place displaying the historical objects of the locality, especially the cultural traditional objects of Lamdong province.

The museum has 9 showrooms displaying the contents like: The stages of history; the archaeological objects, the models of shelters, the tools for hunting, the traditional handicraft villages, traditional costumes, traditional festivals and the objects of the two resistance wars.

With the plan to attract more tourists, they will build the museum as a place for cultural center; 04 stilt-houses of the Ethnic groups like Ma, K'ho, Churu will be displayed. Besides, they also show the traditional handicrafts like: pottery, weaving or organizing Buffalo-stabbing festival, Gong performance, etc. on special occasions.

Besides, tourists can directly see some sets of Dan Da (Lithophone - an ancient musical instrument) of Di Linh and B'Lao with their dates of 3,500 - 3,000 years; architecture vestiges of P'Roh (of Don Duong district) and Cat Tien (of Cat Tien district); archaeological sites excavated from the tombs of native people in Dai Lang (of Bao Lam district), Dai Lao (of Bao Loc city) and Da Don (of Lam Ha district).

The museum gathers nearly 10,000 items made from pottery, porcelain, copper and iron which are valuable in the Southeast Asia. Lamdong museum management board has been trying their best to make it more and more special.

- Add: No. 4 Hung Vuong street, ward 10, Dalat city, Lamdong province.

- Tel: 0633. 822.339

Source: By Ms Doan Bich Ngo - Vice Director of Lamdong Museum

Management agency: Center Manage electronic information, of the Department of Information and Communications
Main responsible: Mr. Nguyen Viet Van - Director of Department of Information and Communications
Address: 36 Trần Phú, Ward 4,Da Lat city
Tel: 0263.3545579 - Fax: 0263.3545455 - Email:
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