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Madagui Forest 

Lam Dong Province’s Madagui Forest City, about 150 kilometers from HCMC, is renowned for its natural beauty, intricate forests, caves, springs and streams. As part of the Nam Cat Tien National Park, Madagui spans 1,200 hectares and is endowed with a refreshingly cool climate. Rugged scenery and biodiversity have made it a popular tourist attraction, a perfect hideaway, a camping site and a wild adventure area.

Tourists don’t have to worry about accommodation and other services as the venue offers a range of products and services, including villas, bungalows and games. The highlight of the park is a chain of caves formed long ago by volcanic activities that are surrounded by a primeval forest that adds to the feeling of a great adventure.

In exploring the caves, visitors might get lost in a maze which will bring travelers much excitement as the entrance and exit are different. However, it is not too difficult to conquer.

There is a winding stone path under the rainforest canopy where flowers blossom and moss-covered stones shine in the beams of sunlight darting through the trees. Each cave is a sacred story about Madagui Forest, which is home to Ma ethnic people with a rich culture and legends about Yang Ndu, a forest god protecting the forest and village.

Firstly, the cave-exploring journey includes a stop at the Mountain Spirit Cave where tourists have to negotiate a deep winding path through narrow crevices and turns. Upon reaching the end of the trail and the cave’s entrance, the soft murmur of the fresh stream within resonates off the walls will welcome tourists. Passing deeper into the heart of the cave tourists will feel a cool breeze that can help remove any fatigue from the trail.

Another cave is the Cave of Death where adventure enthusiasts can experience thrilling sensations. Along the way to the cave are an old wooden bridge, a narrow path and moss-covered stones under a layer of triple canopy rainforest. Standing at its entrance, one can peer down into the other end which is a dark hole with a wet atmosphere.

This cave is formed by many huge stones piling up, creating smaller deep, narrow and tortuous caves of about 20 meters deep and 200 meters long with streams flowing below. The cave grows smaller and smaller as it goes down. However, to conquer the cave, tourists need a combination of good health and skills of getting through the narrow passages in the rocks below and ducking under low outcroppings.

Different from the thrilling feelings at the above caves, Thay (Master) Cave offers a sense of peace and tranquility. It is also formed by many huge and slightly slanted rocks. Listening to the sound of water flowing underneath is an amazing experience.

Going to the park, it will be a regret if tourists miss the Fairy Cave, the most beautiful cave in Madagui Forest.

The Madagui Forest City is located at the Km 152, National Road, Ward 1, Madagouil Town, Da Huoai District, Lam Dong Province, Tel: (84.63)3946999, website:

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