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Leaders pay tribute to President Ho Chi Minh on National Reunification Day
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New Year greetings of the General Secretary and President of the State 

Dear fellow-citizen, comrades and soldiers all over the country,

A new spring with full of joy, faith and hope coming back to our beloved country!


General Secretary and President of the State Nguyen Phu Trong

At this very meaningful spiritual moment, on behalf of the Party and State leaders, I cordially send the close affection and best wishes and best New Year greetings to all the people, comrades and soldiers of the whole country and our Vietnamese community abroad. I would also like to send all friends and people on over the world a congratulation of peace, friendship, prosperity and happiness.

Looking back the year Mau Tuat - 2018, we are happy to see that, with the unity of the whole Party, the whole people and the whole army, our country has overcome many difficulties and achieved many important and comprehensive achievements in almost all fields. It is no coincidence that an atmosphere of excitement and trust spreads widely in the people's classes, it has a strong positive impact throughout the country and is recognized by many international friends.

Coming to the year Kỷ Hợi – 2019, a year has very important mean in the implementation of resolution of congress XII, plan of socioeconomic  development in period 2016 - 2020 and toward congress XIII of Party, with the fun, new momentum, new impetus, Whole party, people and army continue uniting, upholding achievements, achieved results, strive to overcome difficulties, challenges, execute successfully  the targets, the mentioned missions, to construct step by step our country more and more beautiful and richer as the wish of President Ho Chi Minh   


I wish each family, Vietnamese people a new year with full health, fun, happy and success.


With new year and new victory, I send you the sentences of poem of President Ho Chi Minh:

This spring is beter than last springs

Victory and fun come to every family

Whole country is joyful to rejoice new spring

In the triumphal return, we continue writing the song

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