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Imbued with the Central Resolution 4, Session XII 

Central Resolution 4, Session XII (Resolution 4, Term XII) on "Strengthening construction and adjusting Party; prevent, repress the recession of political ideology, morality, lifestyle, expression "self-evolutions", "self-transformation" internally "is defined as one of the" pillars "closed a decisive role for the successful implementation of the tasks at the Provincial Party Committee.

Implementing the regulations and guidelines of the Central and Provincial Party Committee on reviewing, evaluating and classifying the grassroots party and party members annually, in 2017 and 2018, the Party Committee of the Party has conducted a review of the exercises. individuals, individuals and evaluations, quality classification of party organizations and party members. Taking the results of collective review as a basis for personal review; taking the results of personal review to supplement and complete the review of the collective and assess officials and party members as a basis for implementing the contents of cadre work.

Thereby, there have been many good models in the Party Committee, effective ways in all fields, prominently are innovating methods, working methods, improving the quality and effectiveness of work; building methods and working styles of officials and party members.

Typically: Party Committee of Da Lat Vocational College with model: "Bringing learning content and following ideology, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh to teach". Model: "Living and working under the constitution, the law in the performance of the task of forest protection officers", "Colleagues work together, for the cause of forest protection and development" at the Bidoup - Nui Ba National Party Committee .

Branch of the Department of Information - Communication with the model struggling with the wrong allegations, distorting has opened information channels against the wrong allegations on the website ...

In order to continue to implement effectively, in the coming time, continue to lead and promote synchronous implementation of solutions proposed by the Resolution, especially focusing on directing the review and assurance of true democracy. , serious, straightforward with the spirit of construction; the higher level must set an example for their subordinates to follow; resolutely disciplining non-self-conscious Party and individual organizations in reviewing self-criticism and criticism, not admitting mistakes and shortcomings and failing to overcome the limitations and shortcomings that have been raised. Continuing to direct the good implementation of the annual declaration and transparency of assets, resolving outstanding cases, the units really put the Resolution into life ...

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