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Gia Hiep industrial complex 


2. Project target

+ Contribution to the transfer of economic structure to fasten the development of industry, small scale industry and service based on developing agriculture and forestry.

+ Calling for foreign and domestic investors to invest in industrial complex.

3. Investment Form

All forms

4. Investment scale

Total estimated investment capital:

- Project of building Industrial Complex infrastructure: VND 65 billion.

- Project of industrial production: Depends on type and scale of each project.

Land area: 57 ha


- Project of building Industrial Complex infrastructure: Internal road and drainage system: 2.940 m; lighting system for internal road; Water treatment system (Phase 1) and running water system for industrial complex; Green trees planting: 1.176 trees.

- Projects of industrial production: Depend on type and scale of each project.

Labor Demand: Depend on the need of each project. Employee will be provided by neighboring area and locality.

5. Project Duration (year), Implementation plan of Project

Project of building Gia Hiep Industrial Complex infrastructure: 10 years.

Implementation plan: 03 phases

- 2009 - 2010: Premises clearance, building some essential infrastructure.

- 2011 -1015: Building some essential infrastructure.

- 2016 - 2020: Finishing essential infrastructure construction.

Project of industrial production: 50 years.

The implementation plan of project depends on investors.

6. Foundation to build project

Advantages for a successful project:

- Convenient location at intersection of roads to HCMC, Da Lat, Dak Nong, Phan Thiet.

- Located in the meet point of strategic economic corridor between the North and the South (National road No 20) and strategic economic corridor between the East and the West (National road No.28).

- Potential place for developing forestry, long-term industrial plants, agri-forestry products processing and construction material.

Foundation of Law and Legal document

- Decision No 1386/QD-UBND dated May, 26th, 2008 on adjusting plan to fasten and develop Socio-economy of Di Linh to 2010.

- Development Plan of Lam Dong Industry Sector from 2002 - 2010.

- Decision No 271/QD-UBND dated January 23rd, 2009 of Lamdong's People Committee on approving the adjusting master plan to build Gia Hiep Industrial Complex - Gia Hiep Commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province.

7. Project location

- Address: Gia Hiep Commune, Di Linh District, Lam Dong Province, about 70km far away form Da Lat, 230km far away form Ho Chi Minh City. Highway, National road No 20, 28 nearby.

- Project Map:

8. Infrastructure at site

Including main articles as follow:


Kinds of land: Industrial land

- Factory land: 45.23 ha

- Technical land: 2.78 ha

- Traffic land: 4.57 ha

- Green land and Park: 3.62 ha

- Land for managed center and trade service: 0.8 ha

Land Situation:

There were six enterprises invested into the industrial complex to produce construction materials, coffee, growing flower for export with total investment capital is 31.8 billion dong, occupied 16.9 ha.

Fulfill rate occupied 37.36% of total area of the entire Gia Hiep industrial complex.

Construction quality: Construction site is the fourth level infrastructure.

Traffic Infrastructure

Particular: Gia Hiep industrial complex is about 100 m far away from National road No.20. National road No.28 connects Lam Dong with Phan Thiet and Dak Lak through Di Linh. Those roads create an advantage traffic system.

- Transportation cost per km: VND 3.000 /1 ton.


Internet, Phone lines are available and convenient.

Power Supply

Power source: There is a 22KV electric line which can meet the demand along National road No 20 and along the road to Industrial complex. One more 22Kv electric line is needed to set up for industrial complex in long-term.

Water Supply

Available water source:

There are no water supply systems so investors can use 2 available water sources as below:

- Water surface source: Using water from Da Dang - a branch of Da Nhim River - about 3km far away from industrial complex.

- Underground water source: As a result report of subject Building the map of Underground water source (1:25.000) in key economic and residential area of Di Linh, Lam Dong in 2003 There is a rich Underground water source which can exploit with the capacity of 400m3 per well a day (safe exploitation density is 3.46 GK/lkm2).

Waste treatment system/Waste water treatment system

There has not been water treatment system yet. Factories do water treatment by themselves to Point - B before letting out to main ditch.

As the approved plan of Di Linh District in 2002, there is an area for solid waste treatment located 20km far away from industrial complex in Gung Re Commune.

9. Market for products and services

- Project of building Gia Hiep Industrial Complex infrastructure: Easy to attract investors form Viet Nam and foreign country because Gia Hiep Industrial complex located on the intersection of National road No 20, 28. Beside, Lam Dong has passed a lot of preference in tax, land lease.

- Projects of industrial production: The cost price is lower than other place because of cheaper expense of input material and work force. That is an advantage competition.

10. Available input for project in domestic and foreign markets

Raw material:

Farm product:

Total area for developing farm products for processing industry to 2010:

- Tea: 2.400ha

- Mulberry: 1.500ha

- Coffee: 36.000ha

Forestry product: Di Linh has a forest area of 95.613ha of bamboo, rattan... which have a fast recovery after exploiting. This is a big material source for processing paper and handicraft products.

Mineral resources: Granit, Bentonite, Kaolin... can be exploited to product construction material and ceramic.

11. Ability to supply work force for project

- The local work force and neighboring area are enough to supply to projects (Population of Di Linh district is over 163.000 people, Population of Lam Ha district is over 136.000 people, Population of Duc Trong district is over 166.000 people). When the projects are in operation, it is able to attract the work force from Bao Lam, Bao Loc...

- Di Linh also has vocational schools to train skilled labor for the projects.

12 Preference Investments

a. Land:

The investor who rent the land from the State and have the investment projects in preferential field in conformity with list in appendix II promulgated in conjunction with Decree No 108 will be exempted and reduced land and water surface rent according to the Law on land and Decree No 142/2005/ND-CP dated November 14th, 2005.

- Project which invests in Bao Loc city is exempted from land & water surface rent in 7 years counting from the day the building is finished and is being for use.

- Project which invests in other district in Lam Dong (except Da Lat and Bao Loc city) is exempted from land and water surface rent in 7 years counting from the day the building is finished and is being for use.

b. Business Income Tax

Business Income Tax rate: 25%.

Project which invest in field and location in preferential investment according to the list in appendix promulgated in conjunction with Decree No 124/2008/ND-CP dated December 11th, 2008 will be got exempted and reduced Business Income Tax according to Law on Business Income Tax. The details are as followed:

+ Tax rate incentives: (Stipulated in Article 15 - Decree No. 124)

- The incentive tax rate of 10% for 15 years is applicable to:

* New enterprises established under investment projects in geographical areas with extreme socio-economic difficulties (Districts in Lam Dong Province).

* New enterprises established under investment projects in the domains of:

- High technology as prescribed by law; scientific research and technological development;

- Development of water plants, power plants, water supply and drainage systems; bridges, roads, railways; airports, seaports, river ports; airfields, stations and other infrastructure works of special importance as decided by the Prime Minister;

- Manufacture of software products.

- The tax rate of 10% is applicable to incomes of enterprises operating in education-training, vocational training, healthcare, cultural, sports and environmental domains (below collectively referred to as socialized domains) throughout their operation duration.

The Prime Minister shall promulgate a list of socialized domains mentioned in this Clause.

- The incentive tax rate of 20% for 10 years is applicable to new enterprises established under investment projects in geographical areas with socio-economic difficulties (Bao Loc city - Lam Dong Province).

- The incentive tax rate of 20% is applicable to agricultural service cooperatives and peoples credit funds throughout their operation duration.

After the expiration of the duration for application of the tax rate of 10% specified at Point a, Clause 1 of this Article, agricultural service cooperatives and people's credit funds shall switch to enjoy the tax rate of 20%.

The duration for application of incentive tax rates specified in this Article is counted consecutively from the first year an enterprise has turnover from activities eligible for tax incentives.

+ Tax exemption and reduction: (Stipulated in Article 16 - Decree No 124).

* Tax exemption for 4 years and 50% reduction of payable tax amounts for 9 subsequent years are applicable to:

- New enterprises established under investment projects specified in Clause 1, Article 15 of this Decree;

- New enterprises operating in socialized domains in geographical areas in Bao Loc city and Districts of Lam Dong Province.

c. Import-Export Tax:

Project which invest in field and location in preferential investment according to the list in appendix I, II promulgated in conjunction with Decree No 108 will be got incentive import-export tax according to Law on Import-Export Tax, The details are as followed:

- Project which invests in field and location in preferential investment according to the list in appendix promulgated in conjunction with Decree No: 108 will be exempted import-export tax with import goods to create fix assets in the processing of setting up enterprise.

- Seed, livestock are allowed to import to implement the investment project.

d. Preferential policies:

Investors who carry out investment projects in Lam Dong organize vocational training for localities will be helped with funds to train workers according to Decision No 64/2009/QĐ-UBND dated 07/7/2009 signed by Lam Dong People's Committee. The details are as follow:

*. Training in the enterprises:

- Support levels: VND 200,000 per month;

- The maximum time support: according to the training program and the course does not exceed 06 months.

*. Sending workers to retrain in other enterprises or follow the training contract with the vocational training bodies:

- Support levels: VND 300,000/person/month;

- Time support:

+ Training at primary level in vocational schools, training centers or training in other enterprises: The time specified in the certificates or certificates for completion the courses; the training does not exceed six (06) months;

+ Training of vocational secondary level, twenty (20) months;

+ Training college career: thirty (30) months.

*. Additional support for the enterprises is VND 100,000/person/ month for the following training subjects:

- Ethnic minorities;

- Poverty households (poverty granted);

- Soldiers, police demobilization;

- The disabled;

- Workers in communes, villages and hamlets in the region III in the list of areas under Program 135 Phase 2 and the communes, rural poverty is over 30% last year.

13. Social effects of Project

Different project give different social-economic effect. When investing in any project, investors will not only get the profit to themselves but also contribute benefit to society such as:

- Contributing to the calling for investment project, giving an impetus to the development of local socio-economy.

- Limiting environment pollution, Contributing to develop the ecology of the forest in the stable and permanent way.

- Creating new jobs, reducing jobless, raising income for a part of community especially the ethnic groups.

- Raising Local State Budget.

14. Viet Nam Partner, Investor of Project

Contact information:

Lam Dong Trade and Industry Department

Add: 02 - 04 Nguyen Viet Xuan, Da Lat

Tel: (84.63).3822295

Fax: (84.63).3828953



15. Procedures for The issue of investment certification

- The People's Committee of District arranges investment location for projects of which the total investment capital is lower than VND 30 billion.

- The Provincial Peoples Committee arranges investment location for projects of which the total investment capital is more than VND 30 billion.

Requirement for Environment Protection:

- Project of building Industrial Complex infrastructure: Report on assessment of environment effect is required.

- Project of industrial production: Follow the Law on Environment Protection of Viet Nam.

Body receiving document: Planning and Investment Department

Issue Duration: 50 years

Licensing authority: The People’s Committee of Lam Dong Province.

Management agency: Center Manage electronic information, of the Department of Information and Communications
Main responsible: Mr. Nguyen Viet Van - Director of Department of Information and Communications
Address: 36 Trần Phú, Ward 4,Da Lat city
Tel: 0263.3545579 - Fax: 0263.3545455 - Email:
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