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 About Lam Dong

Lam Dong is a mountainous province located in South Central Highland Region, between geographic coordinates: X = 11012 '- 12015' northern latitude Y = 107015 '- 108045' E ° eastern longitude. The area of Lam Dong province is 9764.8 km2, about 2.9% area of the nation. Lam Dong borders Khanh Hoa and Ninh Thuan provinces to the east Binh Phuoc province to the west, Dong Nai province to the southwest, Binh Thuan province to the south - southeast, Dak Lak province to the north.
Lam Dong is an ancient land with diverse geological features. Lam Dong also has many ethnic groups which belong to two linguistic groups Mon - Kho Me and Malayo - Polynexia. These ethnic people come and settle in the south Highlands. Lam Dong has an age-old history and culture. Ethnic people during their historical development have left many relics which contribute to the richness of Lam Dong’s culture.
According to statistics made in 1999 and some recent survey data, there are 40 ethnic groups live in Lam Dong. The natives include the Co Ho, the Ma, the M'Nong, The Xtieng, the Chu Ru, and the Rac Lay, in which three peoples  have the highest population are the Co ho, the Ma and the Chu Ru. Most residents live on this land speak different languages, but in terms of origin, there are some main strain as follows: The Mon - Khmer, the Tay - Thai, Tibetan (Tang) - Mien and Han.
At the end of the 20th century, we used the term “myth” to indicate a traditional thought, a type of folk literature and a poetic factor in folk literature. As a literature type, myth appears earliest in literature history of all mankind. Myth of Lam Dong people can be categorized into groups as follows:
Habits and customs are important factors creating the specific cultural aspect of each ethnic and local. Therefore, when mentioning the manners and customs of ethnics in Lam Dong, firstly we should mention the manners and customs of the indigenous ethnic minorities, then the Vietnamese even they have only settled in Lam Dong from early twentieth century but the population is the largest in Lam Dong at the present.
Talking about traditional architecture in Lam Dong, first of all it is mentioned that the terms of ancient architecture, preserving much age-old worth,  is the architecture of Co Ho, Ma, Chu Ru, Raglai, M’Nong, Stieng residents- the native tribes that have lived in this land for ages.
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